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Borneo orangutan tours, Mahakam safari tour, Komodo tours, Wae Rebo Cultures, Java Cultures and adventures additional providing Sulawesi cultures and wildlife adventures, Sumatera wildlife tour and Papua adventures tour

Indonesia Tour destination

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Fly to Borneo where you will visit Borneo Orangutan tour at Tanjung puting central Kalimantan, cruising up mahakam river tour to see dayak Borneo, bamboo rafting and floating market at Banjarmasin and you could have diving and snorkeling at Derawan island.

From Borneo tours we go to Flores where you can get a lot wonderful spot such as Komodo tour, Hike at colored Kalimutu lake crater, involved with local peoples at Bajawa village and Wairebo village, Flores also has a lot wonderful diving and snorkeling spot.

Your time indonesia will not complete without visiting Java. Every things you can do, see and enjoy in those Island from hike of the mountain ( Bromo mount probolinggo, Merapi mountain Yogyakarta, Krakatau Banten ) to culture heritages (Borobudur temple, Prambanan, etc ).

Then continue explore Sulawesi to visit Tana Toraja or Sulawesi wildlife at Tankoko national park. More further visiting the Papua island to visit the baliem valley and the spectacular diving at Raja ampat. And there are a lot adventures spot wait to explore..


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