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borneo orangutanKalimantan or Borneo is the place to explore. This world's third largest island covering the area of 747,000 square kilometer and much of the island covered by one of the world's larges stretches of tropical rain forest through which flows tremendous mighty rivers which are the island's highway. As one of the biggest tropical rain forest, the island is also home for hundreds species of flora and fauna. The Dayak Peoples which is known as the head hunter during head hunting expedition age in the past. Recognized almost 200 hundreds different tribes, spread to entire borneo and each tribe has totally different culture, language and tradition.

For any natural lover, trip to Borneo offer something totally unique. The island give lot of adventures activities to choice for including: Cruising the mighty Mahakam River and it's tributaries on a house boat at East Kalimantan , which meanders through thousands of kilometers through one of the worlds largest tropical rainforests. Here we will meet the Dayak Tribes, the indigenous people of Borneo Island. The twenty main Dayak tribes - once feared as headhunters have their homes in this river basin. We will observe their traditional way of life, longhouses, dances and also to meet the women with long earlobes and the men with beautifully elaborate tattoos.

South Kalimantan with traditional floating market, adventures tour on traditional bamboo rafting tour along Amandit river and the provice known as diamond product.

Central Kalimantan Province. This is the biggest province in Indonesia part of Borneo,most of it is jungle swamps, rivers and agriculture land. Tanjung puting national park is one of nature wonder in the world. Hundred species plants and animals live in this park including endangered animal species "Orangutan". That is the last chance to see these species in tour their natural environment on the world - the other being in Sumatra.
There are three big Dayak sub-tribes who inhabit this province are the Ngaju, Ot Danum, and Ma'anyan Ot Siang. The Ngaju, like some other sub-tribes, moves from one region to another. They adhere to the old Kaharingan religion, which is a form of ancestor worship, mixed with elements of animism.

West Kalimantan, right on the line of the mountainous eastern parts of the province, which is many Dayak villages. The Dayaks have ancient traditions and beliefs which are expressed in various forms; earlobes elongated by heavy earrings, tattoos intricate paintings, designs and carvings and wonderful dances of respect, heroism, welcome and cure, also famous as the biggest head collector during head hunting expedition age, the iban dayak.

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Borneo Orangutan Tour
3 Days

orangutan tour borneo
Magical experience
adventure orangutan trip
the real home of
orangutan borneo

Orangutan & dayak  adventure
5 Days

 dayak adventures
See complete Borneo
orangutan wildlife and dayak
indigenous peoples
daily live and culture

Mahakam River safari
4 Days

mahakam river cruise
Cruise on house boat up
Mahakam river meet long ear
dayak peoples observe
fresh water dolphin

Across Borneo
17 days

challenging cross borneo
The most chalenging
trips to offer. boating
trekking deep in
firgine tropical rainforest

Great orangutan tour
6 days

Great orangutan tours kalimantan
Trekking through forest
searching for orangutan
wildlife & experiences
overnight in the middle
of forest tanjung puting

Kayan mentarang adventures
7 days

kayan mentarang national park
kalimantan adventures to
Explore flora and fauna
including dayak tribe
which cann't found
anywhere else

Floating market &
Bamboo rafting 4 days

Floating market bamboo rafting adventures
Down to kuin river for
floating market,
  and bamboo rafting
combine with travel to visit

Kutai national park,
orangutan Samboja 5 Days

kutai national park, samboja rehabilitation center
To whom love search
in deep jungle with it's
exotic flora and fauna
combination with orangutan rehabilitation activities

Travel to Orangutan & cruise
7 days
kalimantan safari

Komodo tour & orangutan adventures 7 Days
komodo dragon
Visiting most famous
endangered species on earth. Komodo and Borneo
Orangutan trips
in their real habitat

Borobudur, orangutan
holiday 6 days

 visit borobudur temple
Program allow you to see
different highlight spot between central Java culture with
Borobudur temple and
Borneo orangutan wildlife.

Derawan Diving
4 day

bromo mountain expeditions
Derawan is the Sea world
beauty of Indonesia Borneo Island, with it's richest fish and turtles wildlife of the under sea world.


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