Sarah Still

Hello! My name is Sarah and I was traveling alone on your 3 night/4 day orangutan tour from October 25-28th, It was a life changing experience and something I had dreamed of doing for twenty years (since I was 6 years old)! It was everything I had hoped it would be and my guide was phenomenal.

Before I write a sparkling review of your tours and knowledge, I was wondering if there was any way to get the name of my guide or a list of the guides who currently work for Love Orangutan (I would recognize the name if I read it). I lost the piece of paper that had all the names of the crew written down. I write a travel blog and before posting about my amazing time in Borneo, I was hoping I could find out the name of my guide to personally recommend him.

I’m so embarrassed that I lost that sheet of paper and forgot his name but names have never been a strong spot for me. He’s only 28 years old and has a new baby. He used to be a motorcycle salesman before working with you as a guide. If there is anyway you could give me his name or a list of names that would be great. No rush. And if you cannot give me that information, that’s okay! I’ll just go ahead and write the review and blog without it.
Thank you so much. For everything.

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