Orangutan tours Kalimantan

Orangutan tours Kalimantan

The boat ride to enter  Tanjung Puting National Park  to enjoy orangutan tour.

From the starting point at Kumai boat stage where we will be board on the boat called ” Klotok “, the traditional wooden boat 12m long and 2.5m wide, take you to slow moving boat ride up the tributaries of the Sekoyer river getting closer to the home of Orangutan. As the narrow river, you cruise past nipah palm mangrove and it is not unusual to spot salt water crocodile.

Along the way, about 30 minutes up the river, a family of Proboscis Monkey ( Nasalis lavartus) treated us to spectacle acrobatics. following the sun goes down some more groups of Long noses monkeys and other creatures easy to see in their love riverbank. They are constant source of entertainment.They are also known as the only monkey that only found in Borneo, and the best place to see them is Tanjung Puting National Park.

The day turn to the night, everything looks very dark. The boat crew light up the candle break the dark of the night. Enjoy the delight candle light dinner upper deck under the star while you will be entertained with natural music orchestra from the Rainforest animals. You might wonder that the forest is never sleep.

The Morning down and begin of the great day to visit orangutan at both camp Pondok Tanggui and Camp Leakey in the morning and afternoon feeding time. Waiting for the orangutan to come while the ranger calling their name ” Yoooo  Yoooo”. Female orangutan and her juvenile also her infant on her shoulder crashing the trees, moving slowly from the tree to tree reach free banana which are placed on feeding platform. you soon find yourself surrounded by this great red apes.

Generally, the trip actually take only 3 days from your starting point Jakarta or Bali, but you might take another 1 or 2 days more spending in the pace of tropical jungle delight. For any natural lover, it will be offered something totally unique. As your journey on the tranquil water of Sekoyer river, travel at the easy pace and slide into the rhythms of rainforest. Accompanied by the sound of nature, bird life and animals of rainforest, you will find the Journey hold just as much intrigue as the destination. (Stephanie Brookes-Mighty males of the jungle-hellobali, january 2005)

Finally,we could say that Tanjung Puting is the best orangutan wildlife holidays destination. If you looking for detail information, tours, day to day itinerary, general information or the prices please feel free to contact us

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