Visit orangutan tanjung puting and Dayak mahakam river tour

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Tanjung puting national park is your first destination then up to mahakam river tour Balikpapan. We will visit 3 different camps Tanjung harapan, Pondok Tanggui and Camp leakey then flight to balikpapan ( Via Banjarmasin ) to enjoy house boating to see dayak borneo along mahakam river.

Trips highlight : Orangutan feeding time, River boating, Observing wildlife along the river, trekking to the forest, Traditional bamboo rafting, Floating market Banjarmasin and many unexpecting things.

The program is suitable to combine with view program mentioned on our website including : Other Borneo tour,  Komodo tours and Flores surrounding tour, Java culture and adventures, Tana toraja and Sulawesi adventures surrounding and some other destination. We are able to help you to manage the program and make day by day itinerary including the flight connection which is suitable to your needs as well as the budget

Borneo Orangutan tour mahakam river tour


Arrival at Pangkalan Bun drive to Kumai for 20 minutes and board on the boat and up to sekoyer river to Tanjung Puting National Park. On the way up stop Tanjung Harapan Rehabilitation to witness feeding time. Late afternoon cruise slowly the river observe the wildlife such long noses monkey , long tail macaque, birds along the riverside. Dinner and Overnight on the boat ( L, D )


Today boat up the river for Pondok Tangui, the second orangutans station we will visit, witness feeding time at 09.00am. Afterward continuing boating up on tea colored river to camp leakey. You will see the magnificent reflection from the vegetation along the river, when lucky with us, the fresh water crocodile and other wildlife attraction could find a long river bank. Take short trekking through forest searching for wildlife as well as tropical jungle plant. Back to the boat for lunch then witness feeding time at 14.00 pm for orangutan given additional foods. Dinner and Overnight on the boat. (B,L,D ).


Breakfast on the boat and down the river back to Kumai then to Pangkalan Bun airport for your flight to Balikpapan via Banjarmasin. Upon your arrival at international airport of Balikpapan, you will be pick and direct transfer to loajanan for around 2 hours and process up the Mahakam river. Dinner and overnight at Air-conditioning house boat (B, L, D)


Sightseeing at Muara Muntai wooden village, then crossing Jempang Lake by motor canoe to Mancong. You may see wildlife along the river of Ohong creek such as monkey and birds, Upon arrival at Mancong, welcomed with a traditional ceremony by Dayaq Benuaq, one of the oldest dayak longhouse of East Kalimantan can be found, late afternoon by motor canoe to Tanjung Isuy for sightseeing and continue to houseboat for dinner and overnight. Houseboat will cruise up to Muara Pahu. (B,L,D).


Arrive at Muara Pahu, cruise up Bolowan river by canoe, along the river bank, we see the exotic Kutai culture collide with the nature, on the way we will pass " Pulau Bekantan" or Long nose monkey island where usually we could find some group of proboscis monkey along the river bank, The canoe will enter into the black water peat swamp forest land of Jintan at the delta of Semayang lake, with the best opportunities to spot the fresh water dolphins around while slow cruise into the Bolowan River. Late afternoon, return to houseboat and downstream to Tenggarong. (B,L,D).


Arrive at Tenggarong, visiting the former palace of Sultan Kutai Kertanegara. Where you will see the Sultan's impressive collection of heirlooms, ceramics, Dayak's art and culture items. Afterwards drive to Balikpapan airport for your next destination (B).

PRICE mentioned is per person based for 2 person
For more person, Please contact us

PACKAGES Including orangutan tour

  • Transfer in and out airport Transfer from the airport using airport taxi and transfer from kumai to airport using private car. The transfer in and out is valid only the route mentioned on the program. It Adjustable when you would like to take the transfer in and out from your hotel
  • Tourist wooden boat: Or called "Klotok" ( May be because the sound tok...tok...tok....). It traditional wooded boat, wide around 2,5 m and around 17 m long. Davide into 2 different deck: below deck is used for crew area, luggage area, and kitchen. Upper deck is cover with the roof and it is used for serve meals, sleeping area and relax area to enjoy surrounding. The toilet set up on the back of the boat. it western style toilet with cold shower for take a bath ( Towel is provide ).
  • Accommodation 2 nights on the boat: We provide comfortable mattress with clean sheet and blanked. The sleeping area set on upper deck and it is covered with mosquito net. We could help you to organize overnight at Rimba lodge with additional charge.
  • Meals as mentioned ( B,L,D): Meals is served fresh, hygienist and cook by our own chef. We will serve few different dish of Indonesian food in one time meal and everyday are different .
  • Park Entrance Permit: Price is offered based on 2 days entrance permit. the additional charge will apply for next entrance to the park. Please read Packaged Excluded.
  • Guide: English speaking guide, Some of our guide may speak very little Spanish.
  • Donation and Admission fee: Donation give to the ranger at every camp.
  • Additional Service: On the boat we provide enough mineral water, few softdring (coke), Tea or coffee and some snack.
  • Smile ;-)

Including in mahakam tour

  • Transfer in and out airport Return Transfer from the airport balikpapan to Samarinda. The transfer in and out is valid only the route mentioned on the program. It Adjustable when you would like to take the transfer in and out from your hotel
  • AC House Boat The boat is traditional wooden boat, on the top deck is set up for sleeping area which quite enough for around 8 peoples, the Sleeping area is air conditioning but non cabin
  • Accommodation 3 nights on the house boat
  • Meals as mentioned ( B,L,D): Meals provide at the local restaurant .
  • Guide: We only provide English speaking guide.
  • All permit and admission fee:
  • Additional Service: We provide enough mineral water, Coffee and tea also some soft drink come along during on the boat
  • Motorized canoe
  • Dayak welcome dance
  • Smile ;-)


  • Airfares and Tax: We could help you to book and issued the flight ticket . For self booking please visit our flight booking engine HERE
  • Additional Entrance Permit for orangutan tour: Additional charge for park entrance permit is applied when :
    1. Entrance to the park during Sunday and other national holiday IDR.100.000/person/day
  • Upgrade Hotel or Lodge: The price is based for overnight on the boat for orangutan tour. For stay at the lodge could be organized based on our contract rate with the lodge or hotel. Please contact us for more
  • Personal Things: Medication, Insurance, Alcoholic beverage, Food and beverage at the hotel not mentioned .
  • Force Majour: Any cost accursed due out of our control such as, Flight cancellation, natural force, etc. But we will help with any possibility we can take to avoid those


Map view for Tanjung puting and mahakam tours

Tanjung puting national park could be reach by direct flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, SoloBanjarmasin, Pontianak to Pangkalan Bun as main gate way. You could also get the connection flight from Yogyakarta, Bali, Makasar, Balikpapan Please email us for more information or you could book the flight by your own at

On Arrival at Pangkalan Bun you will drive to Kumai and board to the boat up sekoyer river to home of orangutan.

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