Orangutan camping Turtle release 5D

Orangutan tours, Pangkalan Bun

It an other orangutan camping trip is designed to accommodated for the visitor who would like to have more trekking. Beside the highlight program such as feeding time for orangutan, boating up the river, and meet orangutan. You will have opportunity to trek between camp from Pondok Tanggui to Pesalat and continuing with camping on the open air at the forest around Pesalat. the trip will including visit Tanjung keluang beach to see the turtle breeding process and we have chance to release them to the sea.

Unfortunately this program is very much depend to the weather, During rainy season, the trip is almost impossible due most of the trekking path is cover with water, it quite high. Please contact us before you decide to take this program.

The program is suitable to combine with view program mentioned on our website including : Around Borneo tour, Komodo tour and Flores surrounding, Java culture and adventures, Tana Toraja and Sulawesi adventures surrounding and some other destination. We are able to help you to manage the program and make day by day itinerary including the flight connection which is suitable to your needs as well as the budget