Life on Board with Phinisi Schooner

“This ain’t just a vacation, it’s a lifestyle”

KM Bidadari is an excellent example of a traditional wooden Phinisi schooner and we invite you to share her character and charm. With cosy and functional cabins and many deck areas to enjoy we guarantee the days and nights will pass all too quickly.

Life on Board is an experience that you never forget. We offer cruises to Bali, The Gillis, Lombok, Banda Islands, Satonda Island, MOYO Island, Komodo, Flores to Ambon and Raja Ampat. Charter cruise opportunities for small and large groups throughout Indonesia. We are able to help you to manage the program and make day by day itinerary including the flight connection which is suitable to your needs as well as the budget

KM Bidadari Phinisi Schooner

It is much more fun and more economical to get a group together and charter KM Bidadari to explore the wonders of the Indonesian archipelago. We would encourage you to create your own cruise from the many destinations possible or we are happy to work with you to put together an individual itinerary that meets your specific needs. With so many islands there are plenty of places to explore and adventures that can be yours. We welcome your enquiries and encourage you to plan ahead as we have some regular scheduled cruising commitments as well. Our full boat charters provide the most economical way to enjoy the Indonesian Islands and we are happy to discuss your individual needs and itinerary with you. Please refer to our Charter Cruise Conditions for information about deposits, payment and refund policies, insurance and exclusions. Imagine, given the wonderful locations we travel, your days will be full of swimming, snorkelling, paddling our sea kayaks, filling up your cameras memory cards, lounging around on our ample deck space not to forget opportunities for land and sea exploration… and did we mention adventures?
Bidadari has recently undergone a major refit and we welcome you aboard to share the facilities with us. Bidadari consists of 4 decks and this is one of the main reasons we chose this wonderful boat. The main deck consists of open deck area, dive station, saloon and kitchen. The saloon and lounge is fully air-conditioned and allows for informal meals and an enclosed space for relaxing. The front upper deck contains a large and comfortable seating area in front of the bridge. This is where we have dinner and again plenty of room to sit, relax and watch the world pass by. On the lower deck are the guest’s cabins, which are all air-conditioned and have a small but functional en-suite. The top deck above the bridge area is another open and spacious area where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and evening stars.


On the lower deck you will find six cosy cabins off a central passageway. All the fully air conditioned cabins have a double bed and 4 have an overhead bunk. Each cabin has a small and functional ensuite. As luggage storage is limited please minimise the amount of luggage you bring with you


We believe good food is an essential element of a great cruise. You will enjoy a variety of healthy meals based on a mixture of Indonesian, Asian and European cuisine freshly prepared by our on board chef. Where possible we will purchase food from local villages on the islands we visit. As you could imagine fresh seafood will be a major component of our menu. Please advise us when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.

On Board Activities

With each day bringing new adventures there will be no shortage of activities to keep you busy. It’s your cruise so you can do as much or as little as you choose. We love Bidadari because of the extensive deck areas, which are yours to use to sit and relax or swing in one of our hammocks. Obviously water activities play a large part in your cruise; whether it’s diving, snorkelling or a gentle kayak paddle to explore the local area, the choice is yours. As you would expect we go ashore to explore whenever we can and each stop will provide many and varied experiences. Safety You will understand we take safety seriously. Soon after arrival we will take you through a detailed safety briefing to familiarise you with our safety features and procedures. We require life jackets being worn during all water based activities and boat transfers. We carry a fully stocked first aid kit, required safety equipment and satellite phone. Our on board safety standards and equipment exceed those required by the local maritime authorities.


Map view for Serangan Island

This cruise will start from Seangan Island - Denpasar, Bali. Denpasar, Bali could be reach by direct flight from Jakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, KL, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Ujung Pandang, Lombok to Denpasar as main gate way. You could also get the connection flight from many place in Indonesia. Please email us for more information or you could book the flight by your own at