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Since 1994, We have spent most of our life as field guides deep in the jungle and river of Borneo , with this years experiences also we are growing up in the fields as Wildlife and Culture tour guides, which know well about the adventure in Borneo and supported by our impressive and solid background of the team with depth and breadth of knowledge and experiences in the rainforest and animals specially Orangutan and high adventures of east kalimantan destination . Our teams also have been involve for guiding around borneofor few years.

Our adventures tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the safety and the impact to the environment we visit including building awareness of ecotourism. we also would like to help our clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries for visiting Orangutan, explore dayak, bamboo rafting, mahakam river safari, and many more to offer, as we are one of orangutan specialist and entire borneo destination. surely we are the winner of the best solutions for Indonesia Borneo destination.

Just simply choose from Our Tour page for the suitable destinations and main interests and contact us for further questions, day to day itineraries and our reasonable prices also any information you need to know about our tours. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you just simply tell us what you would most like to do and see and we prepare itineraries for you to consider. We will really glad to make individual offer

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PT. Purima Wisata Nusantara
Establish : 2006
Licence No : C-06142 HT .01.01
ASITA Number : 025/XIV/DPP/2009
Head Office Address : Soekarno hatta, Pasurua, Magelang, Central Java
Mobile : 0813 52 755 255
Email Address : oranghutantours@gmail.com

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