6 reason why you should visit orangutan tanjung puting

When you just arrival at Pangkalan Bun airport then drive to kumai, you will find almost same view with other small town in Indonesia or could be other small town in other country. Hot… is first impression from most visitor. Entering Kumai district is still same with other fisherman village. Alot Phinisi boat park, and there big harbor where the passenger boat are coming every 2 week.

Then you will board on the special tourist boat. From here you will start to get most wonderful and unforgettable trip in your life-time. Herewith 6 reason why you should visit orangutan at Tanjung puting National Park Kalimantan.

Enjoy boating up the Sekoyer River while observe wildlife along the river and enjoy tea or coffee

The boat cross Kumai big river then entering to Sekoyer river, Here the relax adventures begin. Pass at the Plam manggrove formation at the boat site of the river still quite difficult to find wildlife, specially during day time. Only when you lucky you can find Salt Water crocodile, storm stork Heron, sometime wild orangutan when the boat get bit further up the river where the vegetation formation chance to Wild Lily and some tress.

When the sun goes down, this is the best time to see wildlife life along the river specially Proboscis Monkey, Long tail macaque, Bird etc. You can see all of them just from where you are having tea.

There 4 different orangutan Rehabilitation station you can visit c

There are 4 different orangutan rehabilitation station at Tanjung National Park. The following the station name are ( From Down to Up the Sekoyer River ) : Tanjung Harapan, Pondok tanggui, Camp Leakey. There is One we should cross the java sea, call Sungai Buluh rehabilitation center

First stop when you start around 12.00 pm from Kumai is Tanjung Harapan Camp which is used to be camp for reintroducing camp for ex-captive baby orangutan fro the local peoples. Following the time this place { Maybe } was not suitable anymore for this project, soo today there are still some orangutan in around the area, but most of the is semi wild. Feeding time for orangutan still provide by the foundation just to make sure that they have additional food. Chance to see orangutan during feeding time, If we allow to say is 25%.

Second place is Pondok Tanggui : There is connection between Tanjung Harapan and Pondok Tanggui. This second place used to be next prosess from Tanjung Harapan. Introducing Orangutan to their real habitat where the will have to learn to make social, looking for their own food ,etc. Again due the capacity of national park is not capable for new releasing orangutan, Now this place just alike tanjung harapan. Feeding time still held for additional food. And the chance to see Orangutan here ( let say ) 60%. Because most of them now in the wild. need alot of effort to call them for their additional food.

The third is Camp Leakey. Actually this is the first rehabilitation and research Center. Established by Prof Birute Gadikas in 1971. There Were a lot Orangutan have been release. Generation to Generation have been born. and there are some what we call is Ranger family ( Because there always around the ranger camp ). No wonder some time you will welcomed by orangutan in the jetty. Seem this area also as tourist attraction.They to close to the visitor.

Due this situation is not good for the meaning of rehabilitation program and also still not possible to stopped, soo the wise way have to take for this situation. Today the visitor only allowed to enter at Camp Leaky during 14.00 and that is during feeding time. you have chance to take short walk in the jungle and enjoy orangutan feeding time.

The forth is Buluh River Rehabilitation center. This area is not along sekoyer river but at Buluh river. Orangutan here is completely semi wild orangutan and the only peoples who can close by them is the Ranger. To get this place only accessible by speed boat, and have to start from Kumai very early morning due the route is cross the Java sea. You can only allowed to see the orangutan just from speed boat.

The best spot to visit orangutan at buluh river is the river and forest surrounding still fragile. Tea colered water, and chance to see wildlife along the river quite big.

The only place you can see orangutan from Close by and very easy to find them

Even there are limitation visit, Tanjung puting National park still best place to see orangutan in their natural habitat from close by. Also The most easy place to find orangutan. ( The only difficult time to see orangutan, even only one is fruit season ). Klik the best time to visit orangutan Tanjung Puting Kalimantan

The most easy place to see proboscis monkey

The only place could guaranty to see alot and alot Proboscis monkey or peoples call Dutch Monkey. The only species that you can found in Borneo.

Trekking to the jungle during the day or short night trekking

The most beautiful place to trekking is Camp Leakey but since there are regulation Camp Leakey have limited time to visit, The special trekking area is Pondok Ambung. this is place is former research center for Proboscis monkey. Night trekking also available on request.

Easy access to combine with other tours destination

Pangkalan Bun is served by few flight, daily direct flight from Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya and the new route will be Jogjakarta ( Soon ). When you have continues destination will be no problem to connect to your destination. Let Oranghutantours arrange it


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